Qleft Watch out, EL KING is out to get you now! He seems to be seeking revenge?
- Coach Insano, before the main stage itself
Maximum Overfly
The King's playground

Appears in

Need For Madness 2

Boss Car

EL KING (Unlocked on completion)

Number of Laps


Main feature




Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior

Race (EL KING wastes)

Preceded by

The Garden of the King

Followed by

Majestic Duty

Maximum Overfly is the eighth stage in Need For Madness 2, and is often jokingly called the "King's Playground" in contrast to the previous stage, The Garden of the King.


This stage has a similarity to Paninaro, Caninaro, Let's Fly! from the first Need For Madness, as the player should be " Escaping EL KING ". The Boss car in this stage is EL KING, which is unlocked after this stage upon completion. And, as both names implies, it consists of many Giant Ramps, along with many looping turns and intersecting tracks. The AI of EL KING is configured to constantly hunt the player down in this 3-lap stage.

The Garden Of The King precedes this stage, while the next stage is Majestic Duty.


Need For Madness 2 Stage 8 (HD)

Need For Madness 2 Stage 8 (HD)


The best approach to finish this stage. The player's recommended choices are Sword of Justice or High Rider for the best results. You should be wary of EL KING's motives because he will constantly attempt to intercept your turns so evasion is the key in this stage. Out of 75% of the time, EL KING will be following while the other 25% he will be in the middle of the track. Somehow, EL KING may be always behind the player, even though he is slow in general.


The unrecommended approach to complete the stage, as this stage is not aptly suited as a wasting stage, but Sword of Justice is the recommended choice should the player choose to waste. Firstly, the player should try and waste all of the cars except EL KING. This is a really good stage to obtain much power, so the player can use this stage as an advantage in attempt to waste EL KING. However, s/he must not allow EL KING to obtain power or allow him to fix so the player must try to intercept EL KING at all costs to complete the stage.


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