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The NFM Elites was a clan ran by its leader, Phyrexian and co-leader, ApexNova. NFM Elites was allied with The Greatest Warriors before it disbanded. NFM Elites has recently ended its alliance with Most Wanted as of March 12th, 2014.


NFM Elites was a clan, which was started by Phyrexian in January 2012. At first, there were not many recruits, but the clan started striving to be a large and a successful clan around March and April of 2012. Currently, the member count is 17 excluding Ally Members.

On 18/09/2012, NFM Elites leader, Phyrexian has departed from Need For Madness, AIM Games and resigned as NFM Elites Leader with now Midnight and Silver Heart (Lucky XIII) being a Leader and Co-Leader of NFM Elites respectively. However, recently, Phyrexian has returned as leader of Elites.

Midnight left NFM Elites on 1/3/2013, and so did Sassy and Steam. ApexNova, tornadoshark and Mike have all been promoted to fill in for the lost Co-Leader and Moderator. However, Steam has rejoined NFM Elites recently.

NFM Elites Merged with another clan to Create Dark Dyansty

The clan color, in terms of RGB values are - (6,0,51) (Dark Blue)

Member List


NFM Elites Logo - By InhumanPwnage

Leaders, Co-leaders and Moderators - these have access to the clan  secrets, they can make official topics about the clan and accept or partially accept (means Leader/Co-Leader will have to confirm them) new members. They can participate in wars and clan tournaments.

  • Phyrexian [Leader]{QUALIFIED}
  • ApexNova (SpaceParadox) [Co-Leader]
  • Raza156(Steam)[Co-leader]{QUALIFIED}
  • Mike458 (Mike) [Moderator]

Qualified - these are the top members of the clan when it comes to skill. They have the premission to train members and participate in wars and clan tournaments. Leaders and Co-Leaders are qualified automatically.

  • Predator
  • Olsie028 (Eklypse)
  • Motion
    NFM Elites Intro01:25

    NFM Elites Intro

Normal - these members have proven their trust to the clan, and they can participate in clan tournaments, but need to improve their skills to participate in wars. This is the common category to be in.

  • Shruikan (Nighteyes)
  • R.Kurien
  • lucascapo
  • Rain
  • Quickstep
  • Hymns
  • EA_Boy
  • Agent 47 (Slingshot)
  • MantaRay
  • Celestia (Life)
  • Olsie028 (Eklypse)
  • DestroyerOfHeaven
  • Razorflame
  • 0blivion (MightyAcer)
  • Reventon_X (The-Master)
  • FireSpirit [INACTIVE]

Less Trusted - these members have already had some trouble with their behaviour, or they broke one of more rules. They have been denied access to the secrets, but they can still participate in clan tournaments, but not in wars.

No members in this group.

Banned - these members have been kicked out of the clan. They will need a very good reason to come back. The reason why they are banned is listed next to their name.

  • Praful (Lucifer) - Left the clan, flamed the leader and other members of Elites, with more multiple reasons. Banned PERMANENTLY.
  • Aters (AudiR8) - Flaming, spamming and insulting.
  • ZEERAK007 - Flaming, spamming, and insulting.
  • farider - inactivity, flaming others.
  • R99 - for espionage on NFM Elites and the ally clan Most Wanted on behalf of Team Chaos.
  • SpeedMaster - Leaving the clan
  • Golden - asking passwords, poor behaviour
  • ToaZuka - Car Stealing

Ally members - these people are not in the clan, but they help it. They are allowed to give training, but have no access to the clan's secrets, tournaments or wars.

  • A.Path_Pain
  • koner1
  • Lucky XIII
  • Midnight
  • Sassy (SaSS)
  • DriftBeat (SpeedyX)

Ally Clans - these clans assist them with training and other stuff. NFM Elites returns the favour

  • Most Wanted


Clan's page on AIM games forums

Phyrexian's Farewell topic on AIM Games


NFM Elites & Most Wanted Teams Tournament! Team 2 vs Team 4!25:50

NFM Elites & Most Wanted Teams Tournament! Team 2 vs Team 4!

NFM Elites Tournament! Part 1 (8 6 2013)16:26

NFM Elites Tournament! Part 1 (8 6 2013)


NFM Elites Racing Qualification Tournament20:21

NFM Elites Racing Qualification Tournament

NFM Elites Wasting Tourney May 201209:28

NFM Elites Wasting Tourney May 2012



Won: 9/11 (81.8%)

Elites won | Elites lost | Elites tied

VS Most Wanted | 7 - 2 to Most Wanted  [Video] [Video 2]

VS Most Wanted rematch | 5 - 4 NFM Elites  [Video] [Video 2]

VS Phi | 5 - 0 to NFM Elites

VS -Unleashed- | 5 – 4 to NFM Elites [Video]

NFM Elites & Most Wanted vs Phi & Team Oranje Fénix | 5 - 0 to Elites & Most Wanted  [Video]

VS Team Oranje Fénix | 5 – 0 to NFM Elites [Video ]

VS Team Aero | 5 – 0 to NFM Elites [Video]

VS Battalion | 5 - 0 to NFM Elites [Video]

VS -Unleahsed- | 5 - 0 to -Unleashed-

VS Team Thunder | 5 - 0 to NFM Elites

VS Team Formula 7 | 5 - 3 to NFM Elites [Video]

List may be updated.

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