The 'Need For Madness Facebook Group' is a group created by Omar Waly in order to connect Need For Madness players around the world. While it the most succesfull, with nearly 3,100 members and an average of 15 new members every week, it is also the most prone to spamming, insulting, and gossip.[1]


Being a Facebook group, the group has many advantages, like

  • Sharing of Photos
  • Members can create events that others can join
  • Users can approve of strategies via comments and the "Like" button
  • Much more than just strategy sharing; the Group can be used for posting anything else
  • Youtube channel promoting much more easier
  • Many famous users use it.
  • No Moderators to approve comments, thus making conversations much faster
  • No need to look at annoying pictures at the end of every Forum post (as the Group is not a Forum site).
  • Friend feature allows players to stay in touch with other


Despite being worldwide famous, the group also has its limitations, like

  • Strategies are regarded like every other post and can be forgotten easily by other posts
  • No Admins to delete rude and/or offending posts
  • Despite a large number of members, not up to 80 are regularly online
  • Difference of languages may cause problems in understanding
  • No strict rules in puntuation, thus causing many users to type in Rushed Text, often to the annoyance of others
  • Extremely easy to lose fame with

Rivalry with other groupsEdit

While Omar does not confirm it, there are many other groups that, if not oppose, do not agree with the Group. The most prominent example is AIM Games, that is a forum site designated for strategy sharing. The members there usually do not speak of Need For Madness Group, but instead ignore it.

The best example of this is Wolf's statement on Youtube against Wishyut claiming that "I already have AIM, I don't need anything else" and that "AIM has a private forum for trusted members, so I wouldn't really care." (reference needed)



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