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Need For Madness Multiplayer (or sometimes incorrectly labeled as Need for Madness 3) is the latest Need For Madness game. Like in previous versions, this one was completely developed as a Java Applet.




The official announcement.

Testing of Need for Madness Multiplayer has officially been announced on the Facebook group wall. {C TEST #1 occured on March 27, 2011 from 5:00 PM GMT to 7:00 PM GMT. See the image on the left for details or go to this link.

TEST #2 occurred on April 3, 2011. Only Facebook members could play.

TEST #3 occured on April 17.

TEST #4 was on May 19.

However, to be able to play indefinately, users must pay a price of $11 ($10 prior) per year. Thus, this has attracted many complaints and refusals to play the game any longer. On 1st November, Beta 1.2 was released. Check out more here:


Omar's response to a person concerned about a car creator.

HACKER in need for madness multiplayer02:46

HACKER in need for madness multiplayer


Need for Madness Multiplayer Beta was officialy released on 12th September 2011. It had several features like Car Coloring and Player Invites, with the player's selection of the 27 stages that could be played (from both Need For Madness games)

Hacking IssuesEdit

There are many reports of hackers, due to the game being downloadable and hackable. Thus, players may alter many elements of the stages, with one infamous person known as Bob/BADASS (or B.o.b.) is known to make his cars invincible and instantly win without notice. It was also noted that Bob had the ability to change stage names, laps and the amount of players for a game. SkyBullet is another infamous hacker, known to obtain account passwords and steal codes, accounts, etc.This has laid to many more complaints and problems. However, Omar Waly has fixed that problem by adding more security for the uploaded content.

Impersonation IssuesEdit

As many users are not (or cannot) register, other people may impersonate others as wanted. From the above, many players are often impersonated, the most popular being the more famous people on the community.

Leaked AccountsEdit

Another problem reported in Multiplayer are leaked accounts. This means that the original owner of the account had their password leaked in the game or through other sites like Facebook. As a result, unregistered players were able to play using these accounts giving place to some problems with the cars and stages uploaded through such channels. With leaked accounts, even more than one person can use these accounts, with some letters being capitalized to avoid confusion or conflict with the same name. Many of them are currently expired or their passwords have been changed. As of 13/12/13 The last of the popular public acounts under the name "shawn" has been password reset.

The usual main cause of these public accounts to occur is if the original author of the account let someone else borrow his/her account. But rather than using it in a suitable manner, the borrower of the account 'leaks' the password of the account, which in return can be used by other people in a matter of seconds.


NFMM Gameplay01:51

NFMM Gameplay

A few clips and scenes from NFMM.

As games constantly get updated, more and more features get added. Here is a list of them.

Note: All dates are listed in Date/Month/Year format.

27/06/13: New Multiplayer OptionsEdit

  • Multiplayer has been updated.
  • Players can now create private games where only specific players are allowed to join.
  • Players can now create games where there is a limit of how many times a player can fix for each player, or even no fixing at all.
  • Players can now create games with the option to disable trees and dirt piles present in the stage.
  • Players can now create games based on the type and class of car to use, on a much broader scale.
  • Mode of play is now available in the downloadable version.

13/06/13: Server Upgrade & MacOSX Improvement!Edit

  • The game has just moved to a faster and more powerful server.
  • The game's main server, Dominion, has been upgrade 4 times more powerful.
  • The version for MacOSX has been updated to a proper Mac application that works perfectly.

01/06/13: NFM1 & NFM2 Modes!Edit

  • The game has been updated with an NFM1 & NFM2 mode of play.
  • This mode of play is for players who are new to the game for them to experience unlocking the cars and stages in playing NFM1 & NFM2.
  • The mode of play is also for those who would like to play NFM1 or NFM2 with the new game graphics.
  • This update only applies to the online version, but will be available in the downloadable version in the next major update.

23/05/13: Graphics UpdateEdit

  • Graphics for the game has been improved, which includes Mountains in the background of a stage and clouds at the sky.
  • The screen resolution has been increased from 670x400 pixels to 800x450 pixels.
  • The 'Bad Landing Glitch', which involves a car flipping over to a 'bad landing' position even though landed perfectly has been fixed.
  • 'Overpowered' cars have been curbed down to not be as invincible and destructive as they have been, making Multiplayer gaming more fair.
  • Improvements to game's memory comsumption has been done to not take up as much memory as it has, reducing the chances of the game freezing.
  • Sparks have been included in gameplay.
  • The appearance of the car wheels has been updated, from 8-point wheel to 16-point.
  • New decorative track pieces have been added to the Stage Maker which includes Trees, Palm Trees and Cacti. The stage walls has been revised for the graphics update.
  • The ground 'polys' have been enhanced for the graphics update.
  • The memory consumption has been doubled to make room for the decorative parts and also provides the ability to make larger stages.
  • The original track pieces have side lights and white road strips along the middle, with some ramps having a warning sign at the rear. Checkpoints have small warning signs at the lower sides.
  • If 'lightson()' is enabled on a stage, stars on the sky appear.
  • A new tab on the Stage Maker has been added, the 'Scenery' tab has been added to adjust the frequency of Mountains. Clouds can be adjusted by the height from the ground and its colours.
  • Drop down bars have been updated to function more efficiently.

22/02/13: Gift Purchase!Edit

  • A new purchasing mechanism is now in place that allows you to buy account registration for someone else as a gift!
  • Now you can buy a gift code that can be used to create a new account or renew the registration of an existing one.
  • You can buy an account for someone or receive one yourself as a gift!
  • The gift code purchasing form: -click-

03/02/13: New Stage Parts + Multiplayer Stages!Edit

  • The game has just been updated with new stage parts for you to use in the Stage Maker.
  • New parts include a flying rollercoaster road which checkpoints can be attached to, new parts also include a tunnel like ramp that cars flip around in while driving forwards!
  • (The new stage parts have been created mostly for the multiplayer game so the computer AI has not yet been trained to handle some of these new parts, however it will be in the future.)

22/12/12: New stage parts on the way!Edit

  • Here is a collage of some of the new stage parts created for the game.
  • More parts have also been created and others are in the process, but we will surprise with what else has been created in the game's next updated!
  • The next update of the game will have the new stage parts plus 5 new stages specially designed for the multiplayer game with the new parts.

13/10/12:Top20s and Improvements!Edit

  • A new Top20 system is now in place that shows the more recent top published cars and stages!
  • Now there is a weekly, a monthly and an all time Top20 list. The top published cars and stages are detriment by how many players have added them to their account.
  • Other improvements have also been made to the game to make it work faster and smoother (will be most noticed by players with slower computers)!

15/9/12:Stage Publisher!Edit

  • The maddest game in the world has just been taken to whole new level of madness!
  • You can now publish your created stages to your account and into the multiplayer game through the Stage Maker.
  • You can also add other created stages by other players to your account.
  • There are no more limits to amount and type of stages that can be played in the game, you make it!

05/9/12:Edit account option!Edit

  • Now people can edit their accounts themselves by changing the password(link get sent to your email account so don't worry) ,their username and to pay for another year. it also tells them when their account will end( if they don't pay for another year)

16/08/12: Checkpoint Bug Fix!Edit

  • Fixed bug which caused the Checkpoint order of some stages to be incorrect.
  • Added Rearrange Checkpoints option to the Stage Maker.

13/08/12: Stage Maker - Complete!Edit

  • The Stage Maker is released. The Publishing option has been under construction since then.

18/07/12: Stage MakerEdit

  • The Stage Maker has been added to the Development Blog of the website.

17/05/12: Mac OS X (Improvement)Edit

  • Music quality was fixed so it was better quality on Mac computers.

07/05/12: Top 20 Lists + Import Car OptionEdit

  • The game has now been update with the Top 20 Lists that show the most added public cars created by the players. The lists are based on the car class.
    Browse the top 20s to add any car you like to your account to play with it!
  • The game's Car Maker has also been updated with the Import external 3D models option.
    Now you can use other 3D programs to create your car then import it into the Car Maker to add it to the game!

03/05/12: Car Maker Homepage + ForumsEdit

  • The Car Maker's homepage has been created, ready for all your car making needs.
    It includes the official Car Maker forums which are dedicated to car making!
    It also includes links to other related external sites and forums.
    Visit it here:
  • The page will still be updated with more car making information and tutorials. It will also serve as the Stage Maker's homepage in the future, when the Stage Maker is complete.

19/04/12: Fixes + New OptionEdit

  • There was a glitch in the game causing it to lag a bit when switching between the Car Maker and the Game a few times, the game now should work a lot more smoother.
  • Other modifications have been made to the Car Maker so now it will not create or publish cars with overly sized wheels and other errors.
  • The 'Game Cars Only' option for Multiplayer games has been included. This option will restrict custom cars from a game and will only allow the Original NFM cars to be used.

11/04/12: Car Publishing and Editable LapsEdit

  • The Publish Option for the Car Maker has been released. Those who are registered can now be able to publish their own custom cars into Multiplayer.
  • The ability to change the number of laps in a Multiplayer Game has also been added.
  • Game has been updated to Beta Version 1.4

5/3/12: Car Maker RELEASED!Edit

  • The Car Maker is released.
  • A glitch that caused players to lag by freezing the game for a short time is fixed, decreasing the amount of reasons for lag.
  • Game disconnects no longer count as a loss of one of 5 games for unregistered users.
  • Overcoding limit is now decreased.

17/12/11: Sneak Peak!Edit

  • The Car Maker is said to be under progress. Despite this, though, it has raised many responses from the Facebook page, due to Omar's quote explaining that only registered players can play the created cars in Multiplayer.[1]

1/11/11: Car ClassesEdit

  • Car Classification has been made.
  • Created an option to have one type of car only in a game
  • Change Car feature now has a color change including the brightness and darkness.
  • Game has been updated to Beta Version 1.2

20/10/11: Downloadable VersionEdit

  • Added the Downloadable version of the game.
  • Registration price increased from $10 per year to $11.
  • Fixed glitch which caused some LAN games to not play
  • Sound playabillity for Mac OS/X has improved
  • Other technical updates which made the game smoother to play

5/10/11: LAN Bots and a FixEdit

  • Added LAN Bots which allowed AI cars to be placed in LAN mode.
  • Fixed a glitch which, when watching a game, the cars appeared on fire

29/9/11: New Features and FixesEdit

  • A Change Car feature has been made in the Multiplayer Room.
  • Pressing the directional arrow for cars will now see all car's stats (instead of the top 3).
  • Updated the Chat Filter which removes curse words from the Chat Bar.
  • Game has been updated to Beta Version 1.1

19/9/11: New FeatureEdit

  • Added a No Fixing feature which removed all the fixing hoops from a stage.

15/9/11: FixesEdit

  • Fixed a M A S H E E N glitch which constantly made him extremely easy (or prematurely) to waste.
  • Fixed an glitch which occurred when trying to watch a 7-player video.
  • Added a new server named Ghostrider



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