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Need For Madness Updates & Development Alert

January 22nd, 2015: More soundtrack modules are now available to play and use for custom stages. .xm files and .s3m files are now supported along with the classic .mod files. An antialiasing option has also been included, which can be toggled on/off with a checkbox. The interface graphics has also been revamped slightly with a new logo and background images.

Need For Madness Multiplayer has also been Greenlit on Steam, and was released on February 26th 2015. It has since been taken down.


Welcome to the Need For Madness Wiki!

This wiki is dedicated into sharing your knowledge about the various things about the famous games in the Need For Madness Series, such as cars, stages, games, and more. We now have 289 articles in our wiki and 23,853 contributions have been made. Thanks for all your contributions!

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Fun Facts

  • Did you know that Need For Madness Multiplayer was first released in 12 September 2011 after four beta sessions over the course of six months?



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Insano's Weekly Challenge

Each week, Coach Insano will give you a challenge and see if you can beat it in the required NFM game!!


Challenge Name: Cooler Than a Cucumber

Challenge:My challenge for you this week is to win Stage 10 Confusion in an Illusion by racing with Wow Caninaro in less than 3 tries. You will probably rage but the in the end, you'll probably get it. Difficulty: 8/10 to about 10/10, depending on how well you know how to drive Wow Caninaro and how well you know the map and it's shortcuts.

Challenge #2 Name: Do Look After it:

Challenge: Win a race with Formula 7 on The Mad Party and take no damage at all.

Difficulty: 6/10 to about 9/10 (can be ragequitting)

Creator: Mike458

Good luck!


A GUN BATTLE in Need For Madness02:31

A GUN BATTLE in Need For Madness

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Defcon 5

Car maker and Stage maker

Car maker 2
Car Making and Stage Making is fun but if you don't know how to do it, you will need some help to get you started. You can read tutorials about them so you can learn. Learn how to make your first Need for Madness car, get additional helpful car making & publishing information and a detailed instruction on how to use the Stage Maker!


You can post your ideas at:

Know something that we don't? Post your new info here:

Don't know where to start?

Featured user of the month

The featured user of the month is Androgeos Exeunt due to fully remodeling the Custom Cars page since it was very out of order. Congratulations :D


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Have the urge to brag about your custom cars? How about you show them off at the Custom Need For Madness Wiki!!

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What Car do you like?

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Featured Article



M A S H E E N is the strongest but slowest car of NFM2. M A S H E E N is the death on any stage; able to waste ANY car (except other M A S H E E N's) very easily. It can even waste the strongest cars in 1-3 hits! The drawback of its power is in it's very poor stunts, acceleration, and speed. M A S H E E N is more of a Camping vehicle than an actual Waster. It is therefore considered a Rank 4 Waster (see Car Types), and has the most strategic Wasting AI, and sometimes makes Wasting stages "Broken".

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