Need for PWNAGE 2 (NFP2) is a custom NFM version made by WolfInABox and many others. The release date will be somewhere in Autumn, 2011 as the creator said..

It is very popular so far, as there are many videos of it and the Need for Pwnage 2 topic gets often updated... It'll include Java hacks also, like stat hacks and other in-game hacks.

It even has a trailer, to see it, click here. keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 om/watch?v=2-zqAuMnUiQ [click here to see the vid]

The official thread of Need for Pwnage 2 is here. [click here]

Story behind Need for PWNAGEEdit

In 2010, a guy named "NFMROCKS123" started to make his own version called Need for Pwnage. All was going well, until NFMROCKS123 died in a fatal car crash in October, 2010. [Click here for the original thread] In very late 2010, "praful97" suggested to finish the version. He asked WolfInABox for help and they named it "Need for PWNAGE 2".

List of custom cars/tracksEdit

Tornado Shark - ThunderBolt Concept (WolfInABox)

Formula 7 - Python (Jin Raflesia)

Wow Caninaro - El Toro Loco (Jin Raflesia)

La Vite Crab - Volvo 240 (WolfInABox)

Nimi - Peel P50 (WolfInABox)

MAX Revenge - Mopar Magic (Jin Raflesia)

Lead Oxide - IronMan (Jin Raflesia)

EL King - ****BUS (WolfInABox)

Radical One - Biosfear Barris (Jin Raflesia)

DR. Monstaa - Deaths Hand (darkarts)

Stage 1 - When The Heat Gets High

Stage 2 - Alien Invasion

Stage 3 - A Day In Inferno

Stage 4 - Sunset Sprint

Stage 5 - Crusher's Paradise

Stage 6 - Pandora's Box

Stage 7 - Drift 'n Crash

Stage 8 - The Rush

Stage 9 - [NO NAME]

Stage 10 - Nightmare In NFM Street

Stage 11 - [NO NAME]

(Stage 11 will be made by MoGa_DeX)



NFP2 Demo (public beta): Need_For_PWNAGE_2_Beta.rar.html (Download link will be removed if n00bs keep breaking the rules)

NFP2 Beta - (not done)

NFP2 Pre-release test - (not done)

NFP2 full version - (not done)

Notes by the creatorEdit

Please read the read-me file when downloaded.


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