No Fixing is a Multiplayer option that players can use to remove all of the available fixing loops in a game in Need for Madness Multiplayer. This feature was added on 19th September 2011.


No Fixing can be good to some extent.

  • Stops players from Stalling a match by repeatedly going through the hoop
  • Wasters have a better time winning games
  • Benefits those who can have fast evasion and/or high health


However, the concequences of No Fixing may backfire on the player in many ways.

  • Player may be severely damaged him/herself and with no Hoop for fixing.
  • Causes evaders to be on alert, causing it to be harder to hunt down players
  • May be useless in stages that have ridiculously high hoops

Thus, skill and wits are most required when setting up a special condition.


The No Fixing feature was added to give the players a challenge by removing the fixing loops in a game should the option be ticked. It also prevents other players from constantly fixing themselves when unnecessary. Instead, if a player was driving and get extremely high damage, they would find themselves unable to fix themselves and therefore, eventually very likely to get wasted by crashing into walls, obstacles, or hunted by wasters, or flat stunts, or bad landings. An alternative to this is to set a damage limit before fixing. An example of this would be in the chat:

(using Turbo as an example) Turbo: No fixing until your damage reaches 90% or more.

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