The Number of Laps feature was added on April 11th, 2012. Within the update that allows you to publish your car into the multiplayer game, there has been another option added to the game: changing the amount of laps on a track. Basically, you can now change the number of laps to your liking. The highest number of laps any track can have is 15. So you can make it 1 lap on Twisted Revenge or 15 laps on 4D-Vertigo.


  • Usually forces players to waste (unless they have a weak car) if the laps are above 8 on a big stage like Dances with Monsters or 4DV.
  • Can have a very quick, competitive race if it's a 1 lap game.
  • Provides wasters a huge advantage if it's 10-15 laps on a large stage.
  • Racers will not get wasted quickly if the laps is below 3.


  • Abusing the max number of laps will backfire since some players will race, regardless of how many laps there is.
  • If the player botches up on a one-lap race, then it will very likely cost the player for the rest of the game.

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