Objective Denial can be grouped under Camping. However, this usually happens on accident, and can result in rather hilarious moments.

The verb is to deny.

How to denyEdit

Denial can occur at any time. An objective can be as simple as going to jump (usually to enter a Fixing Hoop,) then getting hit by another person moments before jumping. Denying someone can range from simply ramming someone out of the way (usually Wasting them in the process.) To deny, simply camp or patrol high traffic areas, such as Checkpoints and Fixing Hoops. Generally, ramming anyone near these places counts as a Denial.

Specific kinds of denialEdit

An Aerial Fixing Hoop Denial is a very rare occurance. This happens when two cars both go into the air at about the same time to enter a Fixing Hoop. Generally, The car that jumped first will usually waste or stop the other car mid-air, with the first jumper getting either launched back through the hoop or sustaining low damage. The second jumper gets launched far away, usually turning into a flaming wreck into the process. In the circumstance where the second jumper is a Waster (or some sort of strong vehicle), the first jumper may be the one to get Denied. If there's enough delay between the two jumpers, the denied car may get launched back through the hoop.

A Fixing Hoop Denial, on the other hand, is rather common. The strategy to perform this already has a name (Hoop Blocking) and can easily be executed, as such. See the linked page to read how to do this kind of denial.

A Checkpoint Denial usually comes from overshooting a checkpoint, then coming back to get through it. This turns into Wrong Lane Driving. Anyone coming through the Checkpoint (as well as the player) is at risk of getting a Head On Bash to the face. If done correctly, one person will get knocked away. Depending on who has the higher Power level, one person will always get knocked away and get denied.

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