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Paninaro is the song used in Stage 6 of Need for Madness 1.

Need For Madness Music - Stage 6 (Proper Version)03:48

Need For Madness Music - Stage 6 (Proper Version)


The song does not have any lyrics until late into the song, at which point one can hear the vocalizations of "Paninaro, caninaro, woo-oo-oah." This is a reference to Wow Caninaro.


The general feel of the track is designed to make the player attempt to drive as fast as possible, as EL KING is lurking in the fog, waiting to turn the unsuspecting player into a flaming wreck. The song could also have a bit of a dramatic feel to it, as orchestral drums can be heard. This could invigorate the player to perform Stunts.


This soundtrack is a remixed version of the song "Paninaro" by Pet Shop Boys.


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