Paninaro, Caninaro, Let's Fly!

Appears in

Stage 6(NFM1)

Boss Car


Number of Laps


Main feature

Evading,Giant Ramp



Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior

All cars race, except EL KING who goes backward through the track to waste you

Preceded by

He Is Coming For You Next

Followed by

When In Danger, Just Chill Out

The 6th stage of the first Need For Madness, this stage shows EL KING's power. Prepare for evasive action! (Or not.)


The first level with the Giant Ramps, this stage is fairly easy, provided you can dodge EL KING, who at the start veers to the right - often wasting whoever is there, most likely weaker cars - and then goes backwards, hovering around the fourth checkpoint. He will always try to waste you so try to evade him at all costs.




The easiest way to pass this stage. Use a car that is both fast and can stand a side-hit from EL KING, like La Vita Crab or Lead Oxide . Avoid him as he swerves, and at the turn that goes into the fix hoop skip to the checkpoint you can see, as there is none by the hoop


This is much harder than last stage's wasting, even with Lead Oxide. Hunting down all cars within 4 laps is not easy. Thus, this is extremely unrecommended. Otherwise, use the Wrong Lane Driving strategy. Eventually, it will be you and EL KING left. Because EL KING is so easily thrown,especially by Radical One, use continous beating and waste him. Guard the fix hoop because he will go there A LOT, and eventually, you will have wasted EL KING, and unlocking him in the process. The best car for this stage is MAX Revenge! GOOD LUCK!

Wasting Areas:

Tips Edit

  • There's a glitch that makes EL KING go in circles around the ramp so you should not hit him or else he will come back to hunt you.
  • There's another way to fix, however it is really tough. After the 1st ramp in the track, turn a little bit left ON the ramp then do a back flip and you might go through the hoop. Note that this is a longshot and you probably will miss the hoop.


  • The soundtrack used in this level is a remixed version of the song Pet Shop Boys - Paninaro. The original remixed song used in this stage can be found here. It was made in 1989 by 'Japes'.
  • There is an odd glitch in this stage, if you escape EL KING long enough, he will go to the 2nd Giant Ramp, and go around in circles. If you go to him and hit him, he will resume to wasting you, though.
  • This is the first stage in NFM 1 that a Giant Ramp had appeared
  • The 'Caninaro' in the stage's name may be a nod to Wow Caninaro's high bouncing ability, as if he was 'flying'.