Qleft Remember, the more power you have the faster you're car will be!
- Coach Insano, commenting the use of Power in Contrary To Popular Belief

Power is a game feature that appears in all of the Need For Madness Games, and is considered to be it's trademark feature.

Overview Edit


The Power Bar.

Power can be compared to as a source of "Gas". It is located at the higher right hand part of the screen. The bar colour itself is blue, and has the same lenth as the Damage meter, which is located at the same place. Power is required for almost every function in the game, such as wasting (and higher resistance), getting higher stunts, and moving faster. Different amounts of power can be gained via performing varying Stunts (The amount of power achieved is measured by the type of stunt, with stunts such as "What The...?", "Who are you again..?" and "You're a superstar!" yield 100% power). Once the power meter is full, the screen will show "POWER TO THE MAX!" after doing a stunt. If not maxed, the meter shows the amount of power gained from the stunt (in percent). Power gradually decreases over time, and the higher it is, it the faster it decreases. The rate of power decrease is based on the Power Save of a certain car.


  • In Need For Madness: Revised and Recharged, the Power Bar can increase to over 100%. The power percentage gained is also shown to be over 100%.
  • A car can still run at 0% power, although at a very slow rate.
  • The game systems can be hacked to change the power decrease rate.