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Provoke is a strategy that automatically happens usually with needing to think, for both the AI and Human players.


To do this, you must make sure that you are a waster and/or have at least decent endurance. Drive near a car and it will usually turn around in an attempt to try and hit/waste you. Take it out as it turns or go right past the car you've just provoked (if your're racing).

Sometimes you "provoke" by accident and a waster car goes right for you. This is commonly seen in stages that the AI is agressive or when you have Bully cars in a race. But provoking one, two, or the worst of all; the entire Big 3 when trying to waste another car is going to be a nightmare for you.


You can win Centrifugal Rush, Under Water? and Majestic Duty with this since when a racing car turns around to hit you, they will lose their speed and you can go right past them.

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