The distraction piece

Approximate Height

6 meters

Approximate Endpoint Angle

90° (NFM1), 100° (NFM2)

Model ID Number


Approximate Width

2800 units

Approximate Ground Length

2800 units

Difficulty to do a stunt off of


Unlike all other ramps, which are contiguous with the track, the Quarterpipe is placed off to one side, meaning to use it requires going off the track, and making you prone to being passed and/or Wasted. However, succesfully sliding off the end supplies you with a good amount of Power. They can be used on both sides of a track for a halfpipe sort of effect. Radical One and High Rider get the best air off them due to their sizes and stunt effectiveness. However, most cars, when going straight up, head on, a lot of cars will take some Damage.


  • For some reason, the AI will always do a stunt off these.
  • This is one of two ways to do the the Surf Style stunt. If you do a flip or a roll off of these, you will gain tremendous amounts of power. If you don't catch air (or don't want to), just drive on the top banked part and you will get the same effect.
  • This is the best way to get power for M A S H E E N, as he is terrible at stunts.
  • In the Stage Maker, it is called the Halfpipe