Racing is the alternative to Wasting in Need For Madness. Early on, it is often the easier way (sometimes depending on the stage and/or cars.)


An example of racing, when Radical One overtakes High Rider before going off the large sand ramp.

Racing CarsEdit


Radical One is great at stunts, as well as being fast.

It is strongly advised to take a fast car with at least passable Handling, Aerial Control, and Endurance. The cars fitting that description are Formula 7, La Vite/Vita Crab, Kool Kat,Tornado Shark Drifter X, High Rider, Mighty Eight, Radical One, MAX Revenge, and Lead Oxide.

How to raceEdit

To race, you must pass through all the checkpoints in order to complete one lap. If multiple laps are required, as is usually the case, then you must pass through the checkpoints in order again, until you have done this the required number of times. There is no penalty if you don't go directly on the track; All you need to do is to race towards a checkpoint. There will often be a fixing hoop off track, and you will need to get through it to fix your car. This may impact your lead!

The fastest car in the game


Racing is usually fairly easy, but in some levels there are obstacles and bully cars such as DR Monstaa,

Mighty Eight, one of the best racers in Need For Madness 2.

  • Keep your power at its best by doing stunts.
  • Front flips will help you go through the air easier and help you return to the road.
  • Pick a car you think that best suits racing and track conditions. Formula 7 might be fast, but he stands no match against Sword of Justice in Arrested by the Man.
  • Try to evade other cars using the Snake Dance.

List of Car PositionsEdit

These are the possible positions for your car, as of Need for Madness 2.