Radical Play is the site that mainly hosts Omar Waly's online games, such as Need for Madness and Radical Aces. It is owned by Omar Waly. Their slogan is "We never find the new unless we get a little crazy". Another slogan is "from gamers to gamers".

Radical Play had for a while provided a downloadable version of their games. First being Super Web Soccer, on sale for $8.65 as seen in this Wayback Machine snapshot, then later risen to $27.95 a month later. Their second downloadable "commercial game" was Need for Madness 2, offered for $19.95 as seen on this snapshot - later removed after the multiplayer version of NFM was released.

Here is the list of their games in order of release year:

Games prior to 2002, as seen here and future snapshots:

  • Space Masters
  • Maniac Racers
  • Java Snake
  • VML Flier
  • Small Foot
  • Snake
  • T I T A N
  • Socket Flier
  • Socket Flier 2
  • Socket Flier 4 (was there a 3?)
  • King Fu
  • Formula 2
  • Heat Seakers