Railings, known as the NormalRoad Edged in the Stage Maker, are an important factor in Wasting, and are one of the best ways to control cars.

Layout and OverviewEdit

Railings are barriers that occur on the sides of the paved track. Of all the Hazards, they do the most damage per impact. They are not standalone items; they are actually part of a "track with railing" piece, whose model ID number is 11.


Railings waste.

Their effect on the behavior of AI cars, particularly in Need for Madness, is interesting; the cars appear to be unaware of their presence, often ramming right into them, then going back and forth along them, trying to get through, this is most expressed in When in Danger Just Chill Out, just before the first checkpoint, the AI cars if land between the railings will ram into them trying to get to the checkpoint, even if they've already gone through it, this is a perfect wasting advantage for the player.

They can highly damage cars leading to cars being wasted.