Ramp Getaway is a defensive strategy used in order to escape other cars that are chasing you.

How to perform thisEdit

Ideally, one should use this in case a waster if its chasing them, such as DR Monstaa. Radical One is the best car to use this with, as its aerial capabilities are insane(250+ mph with Aerial Boost.)

1. Get on a ramp, usually the Giant Ramp works best.

2. Veer off to the side of the ramp, take off from that ramp and do maybe a rollspin or press the brakes to kill your momentum.

3.Your chaser will almost always go off the ramp. Avoid your pursuer when he/she gets back to the ground. Afterwards, run away from your pursuer. Take the long way around and go to the next checkpoint. DO NOT LET ANY WASTER SEE YOU.