Ring Around the Rosie is a wasting strategy used in Need For Madness.


To do this strategy, first, find spikes (usually), or a barrier that slow wasters can't get around, or Provoke a waster.

Then, get the Ring Around the Rosie into full swing!

As soon as they are on the side of you, turn in the side they are NOT on (such as if they are on the right, turn left, and vice versa).

Next, drive in circles! In case they change direction, change with them, as they will never get you! Make sure not to crash into them or the barrier you are using. Make sure to watch the other car, or else you may crash into the other car and get wasted!

(Note that you can also do this without a barrier, but it works best with one.) 

Have fun with this neat trick!


  • This is arguably one of the most hilarious strategies ever created, as many people watching the game crack up seeing this happen!
  • This has a 95-100% chance of working properly.


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