Rocket Arena
Rocket Arena
Rocket Arena

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Need for Madness Multiplayer

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Multiplayer Stage Pieces



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The Evil Clown

Rocket Arena is the first Multiplayer Stage that can only be played on Need For Madness Multiplayer. This stage was created solely because of the Multiplayer stage pieces. While it seems incompatible, the AI can find their way around simply because of the two checkpoints; they only deal with the ramps, which they do fine on. There is no boss car for this stage.

Stage appearanceEdit

Rocket arena appeared in NFM multiplayer it is stage 1


Rocket Arena is a fairly compact, square stage with 11 laps. There are 3 fixing hoops that are positioned in different elevations. The player can only access them from the Launch Pad Ramps in the middle of the stage.



Racing is not recommended, because this is a fairly compact stage with 11 laps and may be time consuming for the player.

If you plan to race, settle in for a long ride. While you can easily drive between the two Checkpoints, smart players will Camp or lurk near them. Tap A and keep an eye on them. To keep your energy up, use the launch pad ramps. Tweak and time your jump to go through a fixing hoop, then land right by the checkpoint. Keep your energy up if you're using racers like Formula 7.


Wasting is the recommended strategy to beat this stage. Anyone racing will usually be an easy target, considering there's not much area to go around. Camp if you want, because it is incredibly easy to do so on this stage. There's only two ramps that lead players to the fixing hoops, which can be rather difficult to go through. There's only two checkpoints. Waste the player in first place so they can't win, as this race can go by in a flash if you're not watching carefully.

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