Rollercoaster roads are a brand new type of track piece introduced in the February 3rd update.


Unlike previous track pieces, these roads will only fit one car, or two very small custom cars. They stand on struts. There are five pieces of rollercoaster road (six if you count the on/off ramp.) There are two levels of eight; roller coaster track pieces will not attach to each other if they are of the incorrect height. Checkpoints will attach to these roads, standing on pegs that attach to the road. There is only one on/off ramp type, and that is a Normal Road to Rollercoaster Road piece.


  • Rollercoaster roads are new and foreign things to the AI! The AI acts like they were never there. Before a custom stage starts, Coach Insano says that the AI is being programmed to 'see' this. This can also be seen on the Development Blog in the following quote: "The new stage parts have been created mostly for the multiplayer game so the computer AI has not yet been trained to handle some of these new parts, however it will be in the future."
  • Shadows will bug out and jump to the top of the road, much like what happens if a vehicle gets stuck under a Giant Ramp.

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