Rolling with the Big Boys
Introduction of the MASHEEN Menace

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Need For Madness 2

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Race (MASHEEN wastes)

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Ghosts and Magic

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Suddenly the King Becomes Santa's Little Helper

Rolling with the Big Boys is the 11th stage in Need For Madness 2. It introduces the bulldozer rover of death, M A S H E E N.


This track has many unnecessary turns, making it a great advantage for MASHEEN to intercept you. Also at the start of the stage, the AI will reverse in an attempt to avoid MASHEEN, which turns around in attempt waste all the cars. This stage has 3 laps, with MASHEEN up front as the stage boss.

Even if the player is using MASHEEN (if unlocked after completing Stage 12) for this stage, the AI will still reverse at the start. This is a new feature implimented into Need for Madness 2, and caused many players to take damage very early onto the stage.



EL KING is your only best choice here. At the start, when the AI reverse, drive forward and try to waste as many cars as you can, turning left and right using the Snake Dance (Strategy) tactic. Eventually, U-turn and waste any other cars. You probably won't be able to waste all the cars, don't fret. Follow MASHEEN the wrong way around the track and try to waste him. Try not to hit from the front unless you are REALLY confident and have FULL POWER. Try to waste him quickly as the race cars will be coming. Camp at checkpoints and waste any cars you didn't do at the start.

WARNING: If you go forwards at the start the other cars will cause you to take some heavy damage.


This is relatively hard, as MASHEEN camps at checkpoints and most cars can't swerve fast enough. Your best choice is to use Mighty Eight, despite the fact Mighty Eight has rather low endurance, it's still the best choice sense the speed is key on such a wide open stage like this. The Snake Dance techniuqe is good for eluding MASHEEN.

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NFM 2 Stage 11 Walkthrough -Racing w Formula 7-

NFM 2 Stage 11 Walkthrough -Racing w Formula 7-

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