The same series from the Forward Loop and Backward Loop, this is also equally versatile in terms of usefulness, but not so much in Power gaining.


To do the stunt, hold Space and the Left or Right Arrow. You will roll in the corresponding direction the button was pressed. Holding it longer than half a second results in double-or triple rolls.


The stunt moves the car to the left/right, and the Axis of Rotation does not affect it (though the car weight still does). Heavier cars take more time to roll, like MASHEEN. However, there are exceptions, like EL KING rolling extremely fast.

This stunt results in 5-12% gained after.


  • EVERY car can do at least a rollspin off a Speedbump, making it only stunt that all cars can perform. But MASHEEN might not make a rollspin.


  • If the player does both a Left Loop and Right Loop (in any order), the result will be a Tabletop, not a Double loop.

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