A sampler of the scenery.

Scenery is comprised of a few track pieces designed to add a nice visual touch to a stage. There are three different kinds of placeable scenery; trees, cacti, and ground piles. There are five kinds of ordinary tree, three kinds of palm tree, and three kinds of cacti. Ground piles vary in radius and height; these can be set up in the Stage Maker. As well as allowing for the placement of the scenery objects, the Stage Maker allows track creators to set up a mountain generation key for their mountains.


  • Scenery only appears in updated version not in classic mode
  • Stunting vehicles like Radical One can perform backloops off of the larger ground piles.
  • Ground piles randomly generate each time the stage is loaded. They have the same parameters, though, and generally stay the same.
  • Scenery can force players to stay on the road.
  • Trees and cacti do have hitboxes. This can make for some interesting effects, such as sparks flying from a tree, or a player using it as a quick turning mechanism.
  • The mountain generation key supports up to nine digits. Clicking "Generate New" creates a new five-digit code.
  • There is a bug in the mountain generation code that happens when players put a 0 in front of a number; for example, the number 01. This will cause the clouds to rapidly change. The reason why this happens is unknown.
  • If a player gets knocked out of the stage and they drive towards the mountains, they will find that the mountains actually render above the ground.
  • All decorative items, including the mountains, can be "throttled." If Need for Madness begins to run slowly, it will stop rendering the mountains, trees, and ground piles.

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