Small Sand Ramp
Small Sand Ramp

Approximate Height

3 meters

Approximate Endpoint Angle


Model ID Number


Approximate Width

1400 units

Approximate Ground Length

2800 units

Difficulty to do a stunt off of


Small Sand Ramps are normaly seen in dirt roads. You can do flips by driving off it. In the Stage Maker, it is called the Offroad Bump Ramp.

Damage GlitchEdit

Before Need For Madness Multiplayer came out, there was a rare glitch in which you could take damage from the ramp.


  • M A S H E E N is the only car that cannot do a loop off this kind of ramp.
  • You can bump on sides of a ramp like this to get power (i.e. the Hanged Stunt, or the Surf Style Stunt).