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The Snake Dance is an evasive action that you are supposed to learn on Stage 3 (Do The Snake Dance) in Need for Madness. In Need for Madness 2, the stage is remade into a similar stage, Twisted Revenge.

How to perform "The Snake Dance"Edit

To perform it, just move your car side to side in a zig zag fashion. This is useful, in which it will usually help you hit cars which are adjacent to, or evade attacks from stronger cars such as EL KING that are attempting to waste you from behind. Also with this technique, it is possible that M A S H E E N will never hit you if you are careful.

However, if you are driving a strong car like EL KING , this technique can even help you defeat DR Monstaa! You just need to know when to use it, and how to use it, as the side to side movements can chisel out the back of Dr Monstaa. Also, Snake Dance into the sides of Dr Monstaa to do extra damage.

To practice it, try Stage 3 in Need for Madness, or Stage 4 in Need for Madness 2. It is useful on Stage 16 in Need for Madness 2 to evade cars like DR Monstaa and M A S H E E N.


Learn the Snake Dance with Wow Caninaro.