Sand Bumber
the mini ramp

Approximate Height

1 meter

Approximate Endpoint Angle


Model ID Number


Approximate Width

2800 units

Approximate Ground Length

200 units

Difficulty to do a stunt on


The Speedbump is the smallest ramp in the game, this ramp cannot be used for larger stunts or clumsy vehicles. Additionally, the fact that they occur in groups can mean continual loss of traction in that area. Even though speed can be lost, and close races failed, you keep your energy level after jumping off, and it does give the advantage of keeping your energy, most likely boosting it somehow. Due to that same grouping, however, they can be used to execute "half stunts", where the vehicle lands upside down after the first, but then rights itself after the second. Radical One is probably the best user of this ramp, being able to perform a stunning double backflip off these. Often though, cars with low stunting prowess are unable to do any stunt on these ramps. Good racers can usually at least do a backflip, while smaller cars can do rollspins at some point, or frontflips, if you're lucky. Radical One, High Rider and Kool Kat can do a double backloop off of these petite ramps.


  • Radical One can make higher backflips with speed bumps