Spikes are perhaps the most infamous hazard in the game. While spikes are placed in pairs, they often are found in "forests" of spikes preceded by a jump, such that a bad jump will land right in the middle of them, wasting/several damaging small cars.

In Need for Madness 2, they are used not only in forest form but in barrier form, where two or four are placed in a line to damage cars who go off track.The only car that is not damaged by spikes is M A S H E E N.

Crashing into spikes often gives you extra power, although try not to crash into them too hard, try to hit the inclined bits near the base. Small cars with compartively weaker Endurance to other cars will do moderate to heavy damage if done incorrectly. This should be only done by cars with at least a moderate amount of Endurance.

The model ID number for stage hacking is 37.

Some people hack the game to make it possible to do Stunts off of the spikes.


Spikes waste.



Spike campingEdit

Spike camping is a technique that can be utulized by smaller cars. This is rather useful in Need For Madness Multiplayer, but in the normal game it isn't very useful. To utulize this technique, use a small car like Nimi or Formula 7, but some other slightly larger cars can fit in too, and drive inbetween some spikes. This will protect the player who is utulizing the technique and others who try to hit him/her will probably take at least some damage from the spikes.