Qleft Finally after a lot of hard work the Stage Maker has been complete and released!

The Stage Maker is available with the downloadable game.
- Omar Waly, explaining the release of the Stage Maker


The Stage Maker is a relatively new feature for Need For Madness Multiplayer, that has been released on 13th August 2012 and allows custom stages to be created for Multiplayer purposes, for custom NFM versions or for pure entertainment.

Overview Edit

Similarily to the Car Maker, this allows players to create their own stages for the Multiplayer game.

The Stage Maker is built to be a very easy-to-use program, with a simple click and drop interface. The simplicity of the program allows users to use it right away without the need of reading any tutorials on how to use it correctly.

There is a limit on how many track pieces can be used for a stage. The limit is just as large as the initial stage limit for the second Need For Madness installment, which is large enough to make fairly large stages (Four Dimensional Vertigo size). There is a meter that indicates the amount of data memory consumption you have used up as you build your stage or in other words, how far you are from reaching the stage limit. [1] This accounts for the amount of track pieces used and even the stage size.

Initially, player's can import their stages even those before the Stage Maker, by making a new stage, copying the whole code of the imported stage, going to the Multiplayer folder > mystages, opening a partially empty text file for the new stage and pasting its code there.

Stage maker

Sneak Peak of the Stage Maker (!)


Since the release of the Stage Maker, there were issues regarding the order of the stage, with the checkpoint order being the most common issue. However, the August 16th 2012 update improved the Stage Maker mechanics so that it can be much more smarter in defining the checkpoint order correctly and an option (Rearrange Checkpoints) has been added to allow players to define the Checkpoint order manually. However, the issue of the stage pieces not arrange accordingly still remains.

Another issue is that the Checkpoints can be mistaken as fixing hoops, and will restrict players from adding more Checkpoints, as the maximum amount of fixing hoops per stage is five. To solve this, any fixing hoops must be removed, and should be left to last after all of the desired checkpoints have been placed.

Release dateEdit

The Stage Maker has been released on 13th August 2012

The Stage Publishing option has been added on 15th September 2012


According to the development blog, new track pieces for the Stage Maker have been made including a flying roller coaster road and a tunnel like ramp. The new pieces have been released on the 3rd of February 2013.



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