Stalling is a verb that describes an action to make a Wasting match unplayable by driving a car into
unreachable places.


To Stall a match, drive a car into a place that is impossible to reach normally, but can be reached on rare occasions, glitches, or hacks. Doing this makes the car impossible to be wasted, and causes the opponent to roam around, looking for the car (if the car is high up), or become frustrated on trying to reach the car (if the car is found). Thus, the match cannot end, and the opponent is forced to quit, resulting in a lose.

In some stages, there are many places that can be used for stalling easily, thus causing that stage to become Broken.


If a car is stalling a match, race instead of waste, and the car will eventually come down (or else they will lose). Or, taunt them by accusing them of stalling and being "a coward" and such.

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