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Team Aero's logo by Psycho

Overview of Team AeroEdit

Team Aero is a clan made up by Vortex after he left Most Wanted . Team Aero is allied with Team Oranje Fenix.

Rules/joining in Team AeroEdit

1. We never waste each other.                              

2. We don't bully each other.

3. You may not multiclan!!!

4. You may not be multiclanning secretly.

5. You may not GOSSIP in this clan or create any tensions. within our clan.

6. We do not accept people who clan hop.

7. We do not accept random people.

8. You need to have a good reputation.


If you break the rules-

1. You will receive a warning.

2. You will be confronted by one of the leaders/co-leaders(asking what is going on)

3. You are out of this clan PERIOD!!


Fill up an application Here Note: you might need to register on the forum to post an Application

NFMM name:

Youtube account:

Best overall GC racer:

Best overall GC waster:


Clan members/Clan colour/Ally clans/Ally membersEdit

Leaders/Co-leaders- These members have complete access over Team Aero such as wars, practice, clan stuffs, etc.

  • Aero[Leader and Clan Moderator]
  • Metrophis[Co-leader]

Moderators- These members help with the organization of the clan such as recruiting, banning, training members and joining wars. They are allowed to give their own suggestions(clanwise) to the leaders and have full access to the clan secrets.

  • Flash
  • Evolutionary

Normal Members- These members are in the "Normal" category, they have proven their commitment to the clan and can participate in tournaments, practice sessions, join wars, but have limited access to the clan's secrets.

  • tornadoshark
  • Betrayal

Untrustfull members- These members are in the clan but have no access to clan secrets, cannot participate in wars, or participate in training sessions. These members need to prove their commitment to the clan and to the leaders.

-NONE- Clan colours of Team Aero- Dark Blue and Cyanide


  • eXclusive


Total Number of Wars: 4

  • Team Aero Declare NFM Elites

5-0 to NFM Elites[Video uploaded on PhyrexianNFM]

  • eXclusive Declare Team Aero

6-1 to eXclusive[Video not clarified]

  • Legendary Declare Team Aero

5-3 to Team Aero[Video not clarified]

  • Team Aero Declare Unleashed

5-0 to Unleashed[Video uploaded on WolfInABox]

  • Team Aero Declare eXclusive

5-4 to eXclusive[Video uploaded on AeroNFM]

  • Team Aero Declare Most Wanted

5-1 to Most Wanted[Video uploaded on godzlegendz, radical24NFM, shachar700 and NFMMasters]

  • Team Aero Declare The Rebellious Legends

5-4 to Team Aero[Video uploaded on godzlegendz]

  • Team Aero Declare Most Wanted[rematch]

5-2 to Most Wanted[Video uploaded on radical24nfm]

  • Team Aero Declare Unleashed[rematch]

5-0 to Unleashed[Video uploaded on ImmenseTV]

More on Team AeroEdit

- If anyone of you wants to know more about Team Aero. Register on AIM and take a look at the clan section, find the clan Team Aero and all the information will be there.

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