Friendship is Power

Welcome to Team Equestria!! This is a clan created mostly for those who enjoy watching MLP(My Little Pony) though this clan takes in those who do not watch it would not be logical only to take in MLP fans. Everything you would need to know is listed below including rules, rank informations, current ranks and of course, the survey. If you do not watch MLP, then you do not need to answer questions 11 through 15. This clan was well organized and well thought out. You need to be registered in order to apply. You may either choose to take the survey and submit it on AIM(forum motion), if not private message 'AppleJack('Amber Philips), or she can test you on NFMM. 


Leader(s)~Basically control the clan and work with co-leaders to keep it together. ~Train incoming moderators if they don't survey.~Train incoming Bronies/Pegasisters.~Knowing clan secrets.[Recruit/Ban powers].~Contribute to the clan cars/stages.~Declare wars if there is.

  • AppleJack[Leader]

Co-Leaders~Train incoming Bronies/Pegasisters if they don't survey.~Knowing clan secrets.~[Recruit/Ban powers]~Contribute to the clan cars/stages.

  • Crash[Co-Leader]
  • Racer_ZXS[Co-Leader]

Moderator(s)~[Recruit/Ban powers].~Contribute to the clan cars/stages.~May have clan secrets if trusted.

  • Finsher[Moderator] 

Bronies/Pegasisters~Main common members of the clan that help in wars and hold up the clan.

  • Dragshot[Brony]
  • CrazyChristy[Pegasister]
  • TwistedTeenager[Brony]
  • Rarity[Brony]


-Mike(Individual Ally)

-Team Formula 7


1.No Spamming.(Lack of intelligence)

2.No Trolling(Though the other party may upset us, they still deserve respect as a person.)

3.Respect all TE members.(If any Leader/Mod sees total utter disrespect towars a TE member, banning will be considered.

4.Absolutely NO Dirty Racing.(It is unfair and it starts flame wars easily. Refrain from it. You will get 3 warnings.

5.Any cars, stages or clan secrets given away to other clan members will result in immediate ban

6.Keep interesting thoughts to oneself. The Last Thing people would want to hear is perverted comments from others. Refrain from it. You will get 3 warnings.


If you do not wish to be tested in NFMM. You MUST fill up survey to enter TE. If not, you will get tested. Good Luck!(Write to Leaders/Co-leaders/Moderators)


  1. How long have you played NFMM??
  2. Are you registered??
  3. What are your hobbies??
  4. What is your favourite GC racer and waster??
  5. What is your attitude towards NFMM??
  6. Do you prefer wasting or racing?
  7. Have you ever created a car??
  8. Are you a good stage maker?
  9. Have you ever been in another clan?? If so, who??
  10. Tell me your information(FB Profile, email address, AIM username)

MLP Survey

  1. What is Equestria??

a.) Pony




2. Nightmare Moon is a princess, True/False?

3. Name the six main ponies in MLP.

4. What does MLP stands for?

5. Who are the 3 main princesses of Equestria?

Clan StagesEdit

  1. Canterlot
  2. the apple jackCanterlot Castle

Clan Vehicles(Clan members may contribute)Edit

  1. Celestia
  2. Princess Luna

Clan Colours(MUST wear it during a war)Edit

~Orange andblue Further information

  • Any problems?? Feel free to contact any leader/co-leader/moderator

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