The Beach Arcade Dream

Appears in

Stage 9(NFM1)

Boss Car

DR Monstaa

Number of Laps


Main feature

Features Halfpipes



Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior

Depends on car

Preceded by

The Fast & The Furious + The Radical

Followed by

Confusion in an Illusion

This track was made for Dr Monstaa, who is the boss car of this stage. The music sounds like chains.


This stage has one of the most Track Items in NFM1. With many, many quarter pipes, high ramps, etc this stage is suited for cars that can withstand high amounts of damage.


This track is meant to be raced not to waste, but if you want use EL KING. Get on the part which has the fixing hoop and keep on doing stunts until you see a car coming, then go and waste it. Beware though, DR Monstaa has the same strength as you, but with higher wasting capabilities.


Racing is a different story, as Radical One can race it. It is much better to use Radical One than Formula 7 as its stunts are better and he is much stronger than Formula 7. Constantly perform forward loops as they throw you further than a backloop. Thanks to Radical One's power, he can outrun anyone who attempts to waste him... except DR Monstaa. In that case use the Snake Dance technique.


  • DR Monstaa only races in this track, he will not go to waste you or any other car but in Dances With Monsters he will waste also.
  • This stage has the shortest song in the whole NFM saga.
  • This is the final stage to have Giant Ramps in NFM 1.
  • This is the first stage in NFM 1 to have the halfpipe.
  • Sometimes the AI can go the wrong way and attempt to waste you.
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