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The Cereal Killers is a newly made clan in Need For Madness Multiplayer. It was created by Formula@tof3 in 2012. A topic was posted about it in the Car Maker Forums in the Off-Topic Section. The clan has become inactive.

Team GhostbustersEdit

On December 2, 2012, a new clan called Team Ghostbusters was formed. Formula@tof3 announced it was merging with The Cereal Killers. Team Ghostbusters has also become inactive.

Clan MembersEdit

  • formula@tof3 - Leader
  • DESTORYER(Victorious) - Co- Leader
  • safwan - Moderator
  • Spirit
  • toxicgamer
  • Haris
  • Oblivion
  • boomboom123
  • StealThmNm
  • tony
  • Atwon
  • Batman
  • Seba.A.Cares
  • Pound
  • monsta
  • Amandeep
  • Omega
  • jarret
  • super_9
  • superinfini
  • CONuLus
  • youseff5133
  • ansonau16
  • Wolf_King(aka:Radiation)
  • Banana_Man

External LinksEdit

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