The Fast & The Furious + The Radical
The Fast & Furious Radical

Appears in

Stage 8(NFM1)

Boss Car

Radical One

Number of Laps


Main feature

Racing track(Rectangle)



Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior

Race(even EL KING would race)

Preceded by

When In Danger, Just Chill Out

Followed by

The Beach Arcade Dream

The Fast and the Furious + The Radical is the eighth stage in the first Need For Madness which shows Radical One's true power. It is a large square-rectangle shape with many objects and ramps.


This stage consists of several ramps with no hazards. It is intended for racing. Radical One will always be in front and is very hard to outrun, even with fast cars. Note that Radical One likes to perform suicidal flips just like Mighty Eight and might get itself wasted (though this is hard, because it has very high health). It is VERY good at stunts though so it gets a huge push forward with every single stunt it does.



This is the hardest stage to attempt a waste as all cars do not try to waste you; they will only race. One of the only ways to do it is to use EL KING and use the Wrong Lane Driving strategy across the stage, and camp at checkpoints or the fix hoop. Waste Radical One if you can first.


VERY hard, but not impossible. Formula 7 is your best choice, since it's the second only car with higher top speed than Radical One in NFM1 (Mighty Eight doesn't appear in that game). 

Try and "slide" under Radical One and it will very likely send you flying, giving you a head start. Try not to miss any ramp and do Forward Loops only. On rare occasions Radical One will get wasted so you can win easier, though this is very rare as it has VERY high health. As an afternote, don't go off the full length of the ramp, as Radical One is the second fastest car in the AIR (Nimi is also faster than Radical One in stunts), and Formula 7 is the fastest on the GROUND.

La vite Crab is faster than Radical One in the first game, but it is changed in the second as Mighty Eight appears.


  • This is the largest stage in NFM1.
  • The NFM2 stage, Ghosts and Magic, is based off this stage, but instead of Radical One as the boss, it is replaced by Mighty Eight.
  • The name of the music in this track in NFM1 is called "Legendaric" while the music in NFM2 (Ghosts and Magic) is called "Flesh-brain Sauron"
  • The track's title was most likely inspired by the famous movie series, "The Fast and the Furious".