The Gun Run
GR Stage
Radical One's Heaven

Appears in

Stage 14

Boss Car

Radical One

Number of Laps


Main feature

Long, fast paced stage



Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior

Not aggressive (even MASHEEN and EL KING would race)

Preceded by

Digger's Revenge

Followed by

Dances with Monsters

The Gun Run is a stage in Need For Madness 2, and like The Fast & The Furious + The Radical in Need For Madness, shows Radical One's true power.


This stage, as the name suggests, is a 1 lap stage with several ramps and U turns. At the end there are several spaced out backward ramps in an attempt to stop the player from reaching the finish first. The sky colour is also rather dark suggesting that the race was done in night time. Its predecessor is Digger's Revenge while the stage unlocked now is Dances with Monsters. The track forms two guns. The cars sometimes waste themselves at the end of the track, when there are the backwards-facing Low Wide Ramps.



This is the best way to win, but it is not easy. Any fast racer will do, as there are many ramps to keep your power full. Mighty Eight or Formula 7 are your best choices. Also pray that Radical One gets held up at the start as there isn't much hope overtaking him/her after the 2nd checkpoint. The hardest car to do this with is possibly thumb|361px|rightM A S H E E N if you're not wasting. To win use the edges of the ramps because Mighty Eight is faster on GROUND, while Radical One is faster in the AIR. Finally, for a last ditch attempt to make Radical One slow down in Multiplayer, attempt to taunt him or focus all your might to win, as outracing him on speed is usually not enough- it requires Strategy as well.


There is almost no hope doing this. M A S H E E N is too slow to beat Radical One to the checkpoints in an attempt to waste him. Try camping at the 4th checkpoint and attempt to waste all the incoming cars. Get power by moving up the sides of the Small Paved Ramp. However, wasting may be nearly possible if you use DR Monstaa, but Radical One is still much faster and will ultimately beat you to the checkpoints since you start in last place.


  • Two glitches:1. If you fully view the map before racing, you will notice that there is no fix loop. If you attempt to waste the other cars, and you give them a substantial amount of damage, they will sometimes drive around in circles at the 3rd and 4th checkpoint, causing them to become sitting ducks. You should easily be able to waste them.
  • 2. If you manage to launch a car at the left when you are at the start, that car will drive around the last checkpoint. (Note:This glitch only works if the car hasn't passed the 1st checkpoint.)

Trivia Edit

  • The Gun Run is the second 1 lap stage in Need for Madness 2, after The Stretch.
  • After the last giant ramp there are landing ramps. It's VERY hard to go over them but Radical One can.
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