The Washing Machine is a Strategy that allows a car, even with low power, to throw others. It is most noticeable with Radical One because he will spin out sometimes when he hits a car.



Lead Oxide can perform this strategy without difficulty.

To start this maneuver, try to spin out. When you hit another car very fast so you will not be able to go anywhere or go VERY slowly to a point (If you go up and over a ramp, this tactic will end and you will regain grip of your car and the Washing Machine fails.). In fact, the lower the Power, the better. The lower power you have, the tighter turning circle you will have, and a faster spin. While you are spinning, let another car hit you. They will be sent flying like Radical One does with her High Flyer move, and you will take little to no damage. One word of warning however, THIS WILL VERY UNLIKELY WORK OR MOST LIKELY NOT WORK ON THE Big 3! If you do this correctly, the other car will have about 90 to 95% of Damage and possibly be wasted. This has a 60/75% chance of working, depending on the car you are using.

Cars That Work Best When Attempting This MoveEdit

These cars work best when attempting the Washing Machine:


The name came from the spinning action your car did like a washing machine, and the other car(s) are the clothes. The only difference is, you don't clean the clothes, you trash them!

The AI does NOT do this, even if the AI is Radical One.

This has a 40-50% chance of working.

This move is similar to Death Throw

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