• Mike, there are quite a few clans in the clan section which don't exist anymore (Team Cereal Killers, Team Atomic, Team Elite Kings, NFM Epic Warriors, The Brotherhood). I think you should delete all those pages, they just take up space... (can I do it too? It said somewhere I am an admin but I never really noticed any admin powers).

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    • I can delete those and store the data from the pages in the extra admin account. I've been trying to get around to those clan pages, but I had school and my computer's hardrive got fried. What I am planing to do is to store the data from all the pages and make a extra backup just incase we ever need them if this wiki got hacked. I will try to fix up the clans part of the wiki in a little while.

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    • Cool. Delete all of the inactive clan pages, after setting up a notification to do so.

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      This makes zero sense
      04:44, January 18, 2014
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