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Tornado Shark
King of the Sea


Need For Madness

Boss Car of




Best Trait



Available at start

Creator (Real-life)

Omar Waly

Main Paint Color


Supposed Rival

Kool Kat

Tier List Ranking

  • Racing: 10
  • Wasting: 10
Tornado Shark in a Nutshell


3.8 liter V8 naturally aspirated intercooled


Bridgestone Comfort Tires

Weight Distribution:




Bottom Line:

A great starter, and find yourself flying through the clouds.

Tornado Shark is a good quality, starter, all-around car that appears in all of the Need For Madness Games so far.


Pros Cons
  • 3rd best stunter
    in the series
  • Can waste
    Class C cars properly
  • Decent strength
  • Can perform
    The Washing Machine easily
  • Forward Loops can
    give it an enormous boost
  • One of the few cars
    that do not need to
    use the Aerial Boost
    or can use it very well
  • Backloops can
    take it very high
    into the air
  • Forward Loops
    send it flying
    far forward
  • Decent speed
  • All Purpose Car
  • Light Turning Sensitivity
  • Fragile (Poor Endurance)
  • Poor Grip
  • Rollspins do not
    take it far
  • Gradually overshadowed
    by some Class C cars
  • Cannot waste some Class B
    and A cars properly
  • Poor Powersave
  • Poor Acceleration
  • Easily loses to
    Radical One in a fair race

Tornado Shark is a decent waster for his class, But he most excels in racing.

Tornado Shark is the first car in the order of the car selection. Tornado Shark is blue and orange and is the fourth strongest car in the beginning of Need for Madness 2 (as a starter). Tornado Shark also has great Aerial Control for a starter car, it has a very good stunts, and thus very fun to drive around with. It is also the only Class C car that can Aerial Boost well enough and 'bounce' it's way. The AI of Tornado Shark is not as aggressive as the other starter cars but can be annoying if you are playing the latter, as it will abandon the track in attempt to waste the player if the player happens to be on the final lap. It often fails to do this, usually losing, and/or being wasted in the process. It also seldom does this because of his average Strength compared to the other cars, ideally the higher class.

Despite of Tornado Shark's so called "Bad Stats" It is quite a good racer for a class C car, For mainly the reason of his forward loops launch him further and faster then any other car in the game, And his ability to use the "Aerial Boost" gives him even more advantage then some of the Class C and B cars.

Tornado Shark is said to be 'Nerfed' in many ways. It's Wasting abilities been somewhat lowered in Need For Madness 2, but it's Aerial Rotation, especially Rollspins have been greatly increased, mainly it's stunting abilities. The reason why it is so good at stunts because his Z-axis is at the back, not at the front unlike Lead Oxide. Also, it has small fins on the back of the car to increase it's stunting ability.


Tornado Shark debuts in the first Need for Madness and appears as a starter car, and usually appears in all stages except Stage 16 in Need for Madness 2 which has pre-set cars (top 7 cars in the game). After the player completes Stage 16, it will usually appear then. His color is blue (main) orange (stripes)


  • Tornado shark is the very first starter car in NFM 1 and NFM 2
  • Tornado Shark is usally considered to be the Mascot car of Need for Madness 1. This title then goes to Kool Kat in the sequel game, who is its supposed rival.
  • Tornado Shark has slightly increased statistics (except for Wasting) from Need for Madness.
  • It's backloop sends it the second highest up in the air and it's forward loop sends it very far forward, due to the center-point of the car being near the front of the car, making it a good car to do evading with, and the Ramp Getaway strategy with. The only drawback is it has poor acceleration, and absymal handling, so it can be messed with very easily. Try drifting off of the ramp to go further.
  • Tornado Shark's forward loop sends it very far away, making stunt stages like Maximum Overfly easy to finish first.
  • The word "Tornado" in its name may refer to the fact that its stunts go high into the air while the word "Shark" may refer to its "sharky" vinyl.
  • It has changes body styles dramaticly from Need For Madness, to Need For Madness 2. Some changes include added taillights, a grille, a more refined hood, and a double-stripe on the hood.
  • It is yet to be confirmed if Tornado Shark has a real-life counterpart, (or what it resembles) so it may be considered a concept car.
  • Tornado Shark only has 60 polygons, making it the car made up with the least amount of polygons.
  • TS maybe has a low power save that's why he is slow


Stats for Need For Madness 2Edit

Tornado Shark's Stats
Top Speed TSharkTopSpeed Stunts TSharkStunts
Acceleration TSharkAcceleration Strength TSharkStrengh
Handling TSharkHandling Endurance TSharkEndurance


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