Tunnel Side Ramp
The halfpipe of normal roads

Approximate Height


Approximate Endpoint Angle


Model ID Number


Approximate Width


Approximate Ground Length

1400 units

Difficulty to do a stunt off

Somewhat easy

The Tunnel Side Ramp is similar to a Quarterpipe. The latticed wall on the top will push the car to the opposite side. Cars may sustain damage if they ram into the walls too hard. The backside of one can double as a Hazard.

The latticed wall may be inspired by covered bridges.

Usage for RacingEdit

While racing, edge up to the side of the ramp. Gently turn the car into the ramp so the game registers a collision with the latticed part, which then forces the car into the air. Perform a Rollspin towards the center of the road for an easy stunt and some Power.


  • If there is a stack of several Tunnel Side Ramps going in the same direction, with the broad side of the ramp facing the other, one can glitch the car to travel at insane speeds. Simply jump into the ramps to get launched. However, the car will be wasted, except with the use of an electrified hoop. Landing upside down will cause the game to not register a Bad Landing and will prevent major speed loss.
  • Players can glitch through the ramp for no apparent reason. It appears the latticed part is so thin that collisions may occasionally not check correctly and will force a player through.
    Covered Bridge Cedar Creek

    A covered bridge sporting the lattice.

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