Ultrabass is a soundtrack used in Need For Madness 2. It is played in the fourteenth stage of the
game, The Gun Run.


The song was (legally) taken from and remixed by Omar Waly.

Lyrics and EmotionEdit

There are no lyrics in this soundtrack. The theme and emotion is extremely fast-paced and slightly to the point that it is violent, but nevertheless very fun. The soundtrack is a perfect fit for Radical One, the boss car of the stage.


A soundtrack of the song can be found here:

Need For Madness 2 - Stage 1402:15

Need For Madness 2 - Stage 14


Need For Madness Music Ultrabass Remix03:01

Need For Madness Music Ultrabass Remix

A remix of the song


Here you can download this ORIGINAL soundtrack before Omar remixed it for Need For Madness 2

Download here

The song is in the key of F minor.

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