Unlockable refers to any element of the Need For Madness series that is not available from the start, but must be earned by completing some task. A task often requires the player to complete a certain stage in order to advance.

Unlockable can refer to:

Unlockable CarsEdit

A certain stage must be completed in order to unlock a character. At the end of the stage said, a message will display showing that the car is unlocked and can be used.

Need For MadnessEdit

Car Requirements
MAX Revenge Complete Contrary To Popular Belief.
Lead Oxide Complete Grapefruit Power.
EL KING Complete Paninaro, Caninaro, Let's Fly!
Radical One Complete The Fast & The Furious + The Radical.
DR Monstaa Complete Confusion In An Illusion.

Need For Madness 2Edit

Car Requirements
Drifter X Complete Let the Dream Begin.
Sword of Justice Complete Twisted Revenge.
High Rider Complete The Stretch.
EL KING Complete Maximum Overfly.
Mighty Eight Complete Ghosts and Magic.
M A S H E E N Complete Suddenly the King Becomes Santa's Little Helper.
Radical One Complete The Gun Run.
DR Monstaa Complete 4 Dimensional Vertigo.

Unlockable StagesEdit

The stages must always be played in order to advance. At the very start of the game, the players must win from Stages 1, 2, 3, and henceforth to the final stage.

Save GlitchEdit

If you haven't played NFM 1 and 2 for a while (usually about a week), the game's save data will be gone, and you will have to restart the game all over and you will have to unlock the cars all over again. This could be considered the most annoying glitch of all. Why this happens, might be because Java erases the temp data up to a certain limit of data, and the save data is located in it; or it might be a glitch in the game; reason is unknown. It happens on both the online versions, and downloaded versions.

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