For example...

Upside Down Waste is an easy yet important Wasting strategy, and can be used to gain many victories. Originally, the term was jokingly used by Need For Madness players, before Need For Madness 2 was released, as "Underwaste", but generally changed to Upside Down Waste or Upside Down KO. The abbrevation for the strategy is "UDKO".


To perform this, simply ram into a car that is at it's most vulnerable position, upside down. Continue to hit it, and if fast enough, the Bad Landing notice will not appear, leaving the car in a defenseless position, It's better if you hit your target into the wall. Combining this with King's Rampage or Juggle can yield enormous amounts of damage even before they can return to normal and continue driving off. Be careful that you will usually glitch through EL KING when he lands upside down.

Note that this will be rare among other Players, as they are skilled enough to not land badly.

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