• Crazydud619dx

    No more NFMM Mods

    April 2, 2012 by Crazydud619dx

    As of a few days ago, because of the multiple bannings that Viper did, there is no more mods in NFMM now. Omar has stated on the Need For Madness Group on Facebook; "Hey everybody, there no more mods in the game now, i changed the command that kicked people out of rooms. I am not sure if it was Viper who went mad or another mod or another mod impersonating him, so in all cases no one is a mod now :)"

    The good and bad things about this are:

    • Hackers won't be able to hack mods and use the powers (The only hacker known to do this was BADASS)
    • No mods abusing their powers
    • No mods kicking people who they hate or despise without a good reason.

    • Can't remove people who are annoying you, or others.
    • Can't kick hackers
    • Can't kick spammers
    • Can't remove people w…

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  • Crazydud619dx

    As of today, many wasters have been banned from rooms, mainly Avenger. Viper has snapped and is now dedicated to eliminate every waster from the game. He's doing this so he will be the best racer in the game. This problem has been going on for a while but this is out of control. Here's a list of people who has been kicked because of him:

    • Turbo
    • MDX
    • ACVoong
    • Afterburn (me)
    • Radical_Drift
    • PlanetPlus
    • RBD17@TI
    • LOL2@MW
    • Razor
    • dowhow
    • Kitty
    • And many, many more people...

    Hopefully Viper will be stripped from his Mod powers when Omar sees him. If anyone else got kicked because you waste, post it in a comment and i'll add you to the list.

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