As of a few days ago, because of the multiple bannings that Viper did, there is no more mods in NFMM now. Omar has stated on the Need For Madness Group on Facebook; "Hey everybody, there no more mods in the game now, i changed the command that kicked people out of rooms. I am not sure if it was Viper who went mad or another mod or another mod impersonating him, so in all cases no one is a mod now :)"

The good and bad things about this are:


  • Hackers won't be able to hack mods and use the powers (The only hacker known to do this was BADASS)
  • No mods abusing their powers
  • No mods kicking people who they hate or despise without a good reason.


  • Can't remove people who are annoying you, or others.
  • Can't kick hackers
  • Can't kick spammers
  • Can't remove people who are using abusive language and are threatening others.

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