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April 13, 2012
  • I was born on September 8
  • My occupation is Escribir historias y Ser Experto en videojuegos: Make Histories and being profesional gamer!
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    Street Sable

    May 18, 2012 by Deaven Pegasus

    There is my Master Car Whit a Only Recolor

    // car: Street Sable

    // To start making you car you must start by reading the tutorial at:


    1stColor(15,0,103) 2ndColor(51,51,51)
    ScaleZ(165) ScaleY(180) ScaleX(170)

    c(15,0,103) fs(1) p(-48,-2,66) p(-48,1,47) p(-48,30,47) p(-52,30,48) p(-52,22,48) p(-52,14,49) p(-52,6,53) p(-52,2,62)

    c(15,0,103) fs(0) p(-52,27,87) p(-43,27,98) p(-43,22,98) p(-46,10,96) p(-47,4,95) p(-45,2,96) p(-48,-2,66) p(-52,2,62) p(-52,2,73) p(-52,6,82) p(-52,14,86) p(-52,22,87)

    c(15,0,103) fs(0) p(-43,22,98) p(-43,27,98) p(-16,27,110) p(-17,25,110) p(-22,25,108) p(-41,24,100)

    // rotr wheel

    c(15,0,103) fs(-1) p(-52,30,50) p(-52,30,48) p(-52,22,48…

    Read more >

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