Dr Edgar Zomboss

aka FreakerCamper

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  • I live in Constantine,Algeria
  • I was born on January 14
  • My occupation is Recording Gameplays Commentary,Modding
  • I am
  • Dr Edgar Zomboss

    My Stages!

    August 23, 2012 by Dr Edgar Zomboss

    Alright how's it goin' in the camp everybody! FreakerCamper here again!

    Today Imma show you my stages with gamemplay (Where I cuss like lord tourettes)

    anyways here they are

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  • Dr Edgar Zomboss

    My Cars

    May 4, 2012 by Dr Edgar Zomboss

    How is it goin' everybody in the camp! Zomboss here,and today I'm publishing pics and Infos about my cars! Cool huh?

    So here they are:

    The British Guard is the Class B version of Nimi,It's Speed and Acceleration may still be a bit low,but now it can take harder hits than Radical One,and do quicker stunts than High Rider.For Wasting anything can be wasted except for The Big 3,but the worst weakness it has is that it will get pushed and juggled easily by MAX Revenge and Radical One.

    This car is a greyish blue all purpose A & B classed car,with very good stunts,high strength and endurance,and a speed equal to High Rider's,it can lift cars but each time lifts one it will go a bit backwards,due to the fact it is easy to push.It's racing capabiliti…

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  • Dr Edgar Zomboss

    Template Test

    March 18, 2012 by Dr Edgar Zomboss

    I just made a template called Favorite Car here is a test:

    Perfect,you just need the file to have the name of the car example:If there's no file called "EL KING.png" all what appears is a red "50px" so please rename the files properly.

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