The BrotherHood

    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    The Brotherhood was an NFMM clan which became official to NFMM on 21st May 2012. It was a new clan that revolves around the recreational basics of NFM (e.g. NFMM was made purely for enjoyment). Also the clan had less rules than most regular clans such as NFM Elites, Most Wanted, etc. That said, the members play NFM just for fun and abide by fewer laws.

    It has now merged with The Phi.

    Team Atomic - This clan was The Brotherhood's biggest ally as 00012 (the leader) was a member of both clans.

    • 00012 (Leader) - [1]

    • Jono000 (Co-Leader)
    • KyrigSGH

    • Bartek

    • 5433914631
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    Custom Tracks

    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    This is a page in which we share our codes for CUSTOM TRACKS. This does NOT mean you change a few pieces or colors in another person's track AND CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN. If a track is posted by another person, credit MUST be given to the creator. If you want to share it, post below. If not, don't complain or brag.

    Failure to abide by the rules mentioned above will result in deletion of the track. Multiple spam will get the user banned.

    Note: Many of the stages do not have sufficient credit. Anyone who can verify them may directly add it to the page (but it will be checked for spamming). Also please put tracks that are not remixed of a track (Unless its good). Put *Custom* Tracks (Made by hand) thanks.

    Frost Bite is a track made by MoGaDeX on youtu…

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    Custom Cars

    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    Because of the constant deletion of cars and this page in general, this page is now SEMI-PROTECTED.

    Hello everyone! Take a look at the awesome cars people have made!

    If you post a car that is already made by someone else and you've "modified small changes", such as recoloring, please do not post it here!

    EXAMPLES: adding objects to game cars, adding spikes, or changing rims on someone else's car.

    HOWEVER: you CAN post your own cars and if you want to change your OWN car's look, you may post it up as an UPDATED VERSION of the car, not a NEW photo. Also, please EDIT your photo if you want to put up a new version of the car. YOU MAY NOT POST CODES IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BECAUSE THE CODES ARE BROKEN. Thank you for your cooperation.

    ~If this page get…

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    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    LEGENDARY is one of Need For Madness Multiplayer clans. Legendary was originally formed by DivineSpirit (End of October) despite his fall from his previous clan called Team Infinity due to a misunderstanding. The clan was lead by DivineSpirit himself along with the help of his Co-Leader - Vitalogy (formerly known as Aventador_X) -  and his Officer - GXLouis. Between December 2012 and January 2013, the clan was officialy created in the Car Maker Forums under the Off-Topics section.

    Co-Leader released the first clan car - Legend ONE (Modified Aston Martin One-77) - which was the clan's main racer. DivineSpirit proposed a Dr Monstaa mod called Dr. Crushaa, which was later improved by Vitalogy by adding menacing features

    LEGENDARY was originally nam…

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    Most Wanted

    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    Most Wanted is one of the first Need For Madness Multiplayer clans. The name of Most Wanted was originally DooM, which started in March 2011. It was quickly renamed to NFM Black Ops later
    (which might have been given the idea from Call of Duty Black Ops), as suggested by SinfulBliss. Some time after, NFM Black Ops merged with a clan called AIM Super Soliders.
    NFM Black Ops was renamed to Most Wanted. Most wanted is currently the 2nd biggest clan.

    Its leader is WolfInABox aka Wolf@MW and the co-leader is Zee. Most Wanted has a YouTube
    channel called NFMMasters.

    Currently, Most Wanted is allied with NFM Elites.

    Most Wanted has merged with Deadman Wonderland to create a united clan.

    Most Wanted does not approve Multi-clanning although a member of MW ca…

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