As you know there are Hackers on NFMM and some characteristics are below V:

-They can FLY (0.o)

-With a weak car they put it with super strengh

-Speed Hack (Makes anycar with high Speed and Accelaration

-They can curse and dont get a warning

-They can name their games

-They can make 8 players game

-They can make a 1 player game (o.O)

Here are the Hacker's names V:

- bob


- SkyBullet

- Fanta (Past) (Now not)

Watch out for them if you see a Moderator(NFMM) and a hacker tell the Moderator to ban them.

Also a bonus are some Imposters:

- Shax9000(SHax700's Imposter)

- Shax80(Shax700's Imposter)

- AlexMiles(A-Mile's Imposter)

-BAD@SS(BADASS's Imposter -.-)

-radicaldrift(RadicalDrift's Imposter)

-NFMLH1(NFMLH2's Imposter)

Now notice if you see a imposter and an mod tell them to ban the imposter ELKING 13:18, March 18, 2012 (UTC) (Aka NFMLH2)

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