Team chaos

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Team chaos is a newly made team for nfmm.

They say they are strong and united because they have strong members.

A clan war with team chaos and nfm epic warriors was going to happen but the leader of nfm epic warriors didn't know about it.


This is a list of the Team Chaos members. Leave a reply if i forgot someone.

RAD1/SplitParad0x (Leader)


Miami54 (Vice Leader)

Blade (Vice Leader)

Aventador X (Moderator) (Moderator)

Gutturalslam (Moderator)

TwistedTempo (Member)

fosterc (Member)

Telamon (Member)

PlanetPlus (Member)

ProjectDUB (Member)

SonicColors (Member)


SonnyJ (MIT)


This is a list of the Team Chaos rules. Failure to comply will result in ban from Team Chaos.

1.) No spamming

2.) No impersonating

3.) No stealing cars

4.) No adding members without my permission

5.) No multiclanning

6.) You must show up to practice Fridays and clan wars

That's all for now reply if I forgot something.


This is the Team Chaos Pyramid of Ranks[tm]

Top of Pyramid: Leader

Second Layer: Vice/Co- Leaders (2)

Third Layer: Moderators (3)

Fourth Layer: Members (Infinite/Normal)

Bottom of Pyramid: Members in Training (5)

clan wars

they were going to duel nfm epic warriors but nfm epic warriors didn't know about that so it didn't happen.


[team site]

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